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Lesson 9

03/11 Lesson 9

Check homework: Discuss about
- “ non-competion agreement”
- Entire agreement clause (Chiarimenti in lingua italiana in CENNI SULL’INTERPRETAZIONE DEL CONTRATTO NEI SISTEMI DI COMMON LAW di Andrea Sirotti Gaudenzi ; LE DIMENSIONI IMPLICITE DEL CONTRATTO di David Campbell et al. -

From ILE text book:
pp. 72-74 Reading 3 E contracts, ex. 23, 24, 28

Language use: adverbs
Adverb + verb
Generally apply
Previously accompanied
Recently applied
Adequately protect
Commonly used
Widely accepted

· Substantially similar
· Purely online
· Legally binding/valid

Language Focus pp76-77

2. Compare contract clauses in English and Italian in the context of a “letter of appointment”

From Grammar book:
vbs + prepositions pp.106-107;
adjectives + prepositions pp. 274-275

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