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Lesson 12

13/11 Lesson 12

- Check homework
- Understanding “right of first refusal”
- How to prepare a lawsuit and develoColore testop an argument (reading and acting out audio transcripts Listening 1 pag. 269 (from ILE text book)

Language notes Listening 1 pag.96

Question: Is Keats allowed to assign his rights to a third party? Yes, he is allowed to do that prior written consent from the non-assigning party (on the ground of the right of first refusal)

People involved:
Keats is the restaurant owner who wanted to sell his husband
Jones is the premises owner who deliberately withheld consent to assignment
Prospective buyer

Lease agreement (gives the lessee the right to use)
Lessor: Jones
Lessee: Keats
They have stipulated a lease agreement

- prior written consent
- reasonably
- to defer a decision
= procrastinare, rimandare, temporeggiare
- to withdrew/rescind/ cancel his offer = ritirare/annullare la sua offerta
- deliberately withheld consent = trattenere il consenso di proposito
- to allege that + clause = addurre/asserire/presumere che
Jones has allegedly breached the lease. It was alleged that the lease was breached (Jones ha presumibilmente violato I termini del contratto di affitto)
- To sue s.o. = fare causa a qualcuno
- To make a claim = presentare una lamentela
- To start proceedings = iniziare un'azione legale
- Fill in on it = aggiornare qualcuno su qualcosa

From ILE text book:
pp.106-107 Reading 1 Introduction to employment law ex. 2, 3, 4

Language notes to Reading 1
Trade unions = sindacati
Redundancy dismissal = licenziamento per esubero
Unfair dismissal = licenziamento ingiusto
Collective bargaining = trattative colletive, contrattazione collettiva
Picketing: Practice, used in labor and political disputes, of patrolling, usually with placards, to publicize a dispute or to secure support for a cause. Picketing is a constitutionally protected exercise of free expression when done in accordance with law (picchettaggio)
Lockouts = serrate
Strikes = scioperi
Render a decision = prendere una decisione
Unlawful = sleale
Holiday entitlement = ferie dovute

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