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Lesson 15

24/11 Lesson 15

From Course book ILE
pp. 134-135 words in context

Concetto di proprietà nella Common Law

pp.135-136 Contrasting ideas : use of “whereas/while”

Compare: buying a house in UK vs buying a house in Italy

Proprietà leasehold e freehold: vantaggi e svantaggi

Vivere in una proprietà “leasehold

Caratteri del diritto di servitù : temporary and permanent easements

Pag.136 Reading & comprehension (audio tran script pag. 272)

An easement is the right to do something or the right to prevent something over the real property of another. At common law, an easement came to be treated as a property right in itself and is still treated as a kind of property by most jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, another term for easement is equitable servitude, although easements do not have their origin in equity.
The right is often described as the right to use the land of another for a special purpose. Unlike a lease, an easement does not give the holder a right of "possession" of the property, only a right of use. It is distinguished from a licence that only gives one a personal privilege to do something on the land of another.

pp. 137-138 Reading 2 “A law firm’s practice areas” ex. 11-14

pp. 139-141 Reading 3 “Understanding a lease or tenancy agreement” ex 15-20

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