domenica 26 febbraio 2017

English for Professionals_6

Lesson 6 [25th February 9:00 –13:00]
·       Students have been asked to present one or two legal documents 
Well done to those who gave a short presentation on that! :-)

·       Presenting Information and legal opinions


venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Legal English_lesson_1_UniTaranto

A warm welcome to all our new students on this academic year!! 

Today's lesson covered:

Programma 2016-2017 
Features of Legal English 
Unit 1 (text book)
Core subjects vs optional subjects 
Contract law
Criminal law
Tort law
Land law
Equity and Trusts
Administrative law
Constitutional law
Family law
Land law
Housing law
Employment law
Litigation and Arbitration


  • performance and enforcement of contracts
  • offer - acceptance - consideration
  • breach of contract
  • liability
  • strict liability 
  • vicariuos liability
  • nuisance
  • damages vs  damage 

damage: means “loss or injury to a person or property”. It is an uncountable singular noun and has no plural form.
E.g.: The cost of the damage to the US caused by Hurricane Ike was estimated at USD 18 billion.
Other words you could use instead of damageloss, injury
Damages means “money claimed by, or ordered to be paid to, a person as compensation for loss or injury”. It is an uncountable plural noun and has no singular form.
E.g.: The Claimant wishes to sue Acme for damages as a result of a loss sustained by the Claimant after Acme’s failure to perform its obligations.
Other words you could use instead of damagescompensation, satisfaction

  • evidence
  • hearsay
  • law enforcement
  • under the constitution

Students' self study 

  • page 12 ex 13-14
  • page 13 ex 16-17
  • Language Focus page 17 ex 1-3

Text book unit 1 and unit 2 

lunedì 20 febbraio 2017

English for Professionals_5

Lesson 5 [18th February15:00-19:00]

Part one
RevisionPhrasal verbs

Part two
Reading  and understanding legal Documents   
Students have been asked to choose one legal document and to present it to their class at our next lesson.
Look at the language: make a list of key words, idiomatic expressions, formulaic language

Sample legal documents_1
Sample legal documents_2

 Parte three 

domenica 12 febbraio 2017

English for Professionals_4

Lesson 4 [11th February 9:00 – 13:00]
Part one
Stage 1 Business law vocabulary [defendant – plaintiff – draft – bill of lading – no win no fee – promissory note – summons – punitive damages – judgement – negligence – stare decisis
Sts work in pairs – they have to define the given words into details
Stage 2 Contract clauses _ modal verbs 
Stage 3 Students are asked to determine the outcome of an actual case and decide which of the requirements of an offer are fulfilled
Reinforce Contract law practice vocabulary
Part two
·       Licence  agreement
·       Atto di compravendita [real case]
·       Buying  a property in Italy Students are asked to outline the kind of service and support they could offer  to foreign customers who are interested in buying a property in Italy
 Part three

Language to be clarified : 

domenica 5 febbraio 2017

English for Professionals_3

Part one
Game: contract terminology – Hot seat
Homework checking: Modal verbs – Vocabulary Quiz

Part two
·         Commercial Law – Presentation
·         Business Law Glossary 
·         General Conditions of sale

Part three mostly on line
Business English Comparatives

English for marketing How to describe products