mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Lesson 16

27/11 Lesson 16

From ILE course book

Discuss Reading 4 pp. Case review “Quiet enjoyment clause” How important it is to balance one party’s obligation (here, to repair and clean the building) against another party’s right (here, to quiet enjoyment)

p. 143 Listening 2: Buying a house in Spain ex 24-26

Sul sito del Consiglio nazionale del Notariato consiglio di leggere le informazioni riguardanti l’acquisto di una casa in Italia
- The role of the civil law notary
- Vendor's rights and obbligations
- Purchaser's rights and obligations

pp. 146-147 Language Focus

From Grammar book pp 284-285 Suffissi e Prefissi

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