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Appeal from the teacher

Hi there...

visto che la proposta glossario non ha avuto il response che mi aspettavo :-(

How about starting with one word or phrase that you particularly find interesting...

Provision: 1. U. fornitura, provvista :provision of government services; no provvision has been made for car parking in this area
2. U. ammontare, quantità: increase the provision of nursery facilities
3. C. clausola, disposizione, dettato: under the provisions (clausola) of the treaty they cannot buy or sell weapons; There are provisions in the treaty to safeguard ethnic minorities; the provision (dettato) of the law; with the provision that.. (condizione che)

potete pubblicare il vs lavoro qui di seguito..

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Homework Lesson 7

From ILE text book
1. translate these terms in Italian
- Articles of Association= Statuto sociale
- Memorandum of Association = Atto costitutivo
- board of directors= consiglio di amministrazione

- authorised share capital
- dividend
- issued share capital
- ordinary share
- pre-emption rights
- preference share
- rights issue
- subscriber

2. p. 40 Common collocation verb + noun ex. 11, 13
3. p. 43 Archaic words ex. 20, 21
4. pp. 46-47 Language Focus ex. 1-4

Lesson 7

27/10/07 Lesson 7
From Grammar text book: vbs + prepositions pp.106-107;
Practice: extra exercise from text book “English for Lawyers”

From ILE:
p. 31. ex. 26 Text analysis: a letter of advice
pp. 32-33 Language Focus
pp. 34-35 Introduction to company capitalization + Key terms: Share
- Samples of a share certificate, memorandum of association and article of association

- Samples of agreement shareholders’ agreements

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Homework Lesson 6

Homework Lesson 6

From ILE text book: p.26 Reading 3 Limited Liability Partnership Bill + ex. 15, 16, 17;
p. 28 Reading 4 Corporate Governance + ex. 20, 21

Lesson 6

25/10/07 Lesson 6

From Grammar text: phrasal verbs pp. 96-97; pp.108-109
Practice: Phrasal verbs in legal English

From ILE:
pp. 22-24 Company formation: Ex 4-6
Reading: memorandum of association + ex. 8, 9
Practice: thereto, thereof
Grammar focus on shall
p. 25 Forming a Business in the UK + ex. 11,12,13

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Homework Lesson 5

1. Look up on internet for Italian companies, choose one of them and describe it (in English) giving information about liability, capital contributions and management. Include which documents are needed to complete the formation process. Prepare a table similar to that shown on p.23 in the ILE text book. (includi un “small glossary” e la fonte del tuo lavoro)

e.g. società in nome collettivo

  • liability:
  • capital contributions:
  • management:
  • documents required for the formation:

    2. From grammar book: pp. 292-295 use of passive

Lesson 5

18/10/07 Lesson 4

From text book ILE
- Check homework: cv and practice areas
Language notes for Listening 4 p.18
A litigator= is a lawyer who specializes in litigation (=lawsuits)
Provides advocacy for her clients= she represents them in court and in similar adversarial situations.
Copyright infringement suits= involve any alleged illegal use of copyrighted material.
Clearances of trademarks = involve checking that planned trademarks are not already owned by another party, and are not going to result in litigation.
A retainer agreement (contratto d’ingaggio)= is a written agreement between a client and a lawyer, setting out the details of their long-term relationship.
A cartel = is a group of organizations which work together to fix prices in the industry they control. In most countries, they are illegal, as they exploit consumers and distort free trade. E.g. OPEC which tries to manipulate the international price of oil.
Attorney= avvocato, procuratore
Attorney general = Uk Procuratore Generale US Ministro della Giustizia
Foreclosure (vendita forzata di beni ipotecati) = when the property owner fails to keep up with regular mortgage repayments, the lender has the right to recover the money loaned by forcing the sale of the property.

Types of legal firms:
Solo practice, global firm, small law firm (boutique), mid-size law firm, large law firm

Introduction to Company formation and management
Concept of liability = legal responsibility in case sth goes wrong
Discussion: differences between a company and partnership, documents requested to form a company and people involved in the management.
Company: can be liable, owners are insulated from this threat
Partnership: cannot be liable while its owners are responsible for their actions
Ex.1 Reading & comprehension
Questions to reinforce vocabulary
Extension exercise 2.1_ collocations

Ex 2-3: Vocabulary practice
Listening 1+ transcript
Company formation_practice: Ex 4-9
Reading: memorandum of association
Vocabulary (e.g. thereto, thereof)
Grammar focus on shall

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Homework Lesson 4

From ILE text book:
- p.16 n.16 Read the cv of a young British lawyer and answer the questions
- Read the audio transcript "Listening 4" on p. 262 and answer the questions on p. 18 n. 31

Completa il lavoro richiesto dalle precedenti lezioni


Verbs + nouns (Legal documents)
1. to draft: an answer, a brief, a complaint, a motion, a pleading
2. to issue: an injunction, a notice, a writ
3. to file (with): an affidavit, an answer, a brief, a complaint, a motion, a notice, a pleading
4. to serve (on someone): a complaint, an injunction, a notice, a pleading, a writ
5. to submit: an affidavit, an answer, a brief, a complaint, a motion, a notice, a pleading, a writ

Ex. 2 Match vbs with noun phrases

a. legal advice, b. research, c. a case, d. companies on legal affairs

1. to plead

2. to win

3. to argue

4. to advise so. on sth

5. to do

6. to give

Lesson 4

18/10/07 Lesson 4

From grammar book: Use of modal verbs
Modal verbs in Legal English_practice

Organization of Justice in England & Wales Organigramma
Organization of Justice in England and Wales_ Description
Organization of Justice in Italy

From ILE text book:

  • Person in courts ( plaintiff the person who files the complaint, the defendant the person who…)
  • Documents in court (affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
  • collocations
  • Latin language (pronunciation insert extension exercise on the web log
  • Extra exercise_Latin language

    Part II A Career in the law
  • Ex.20 – discussion & listening
    Vocabulary: lawyer, solicitor, barrister, attorney, notary, notary public (US), corporate counsel
  • Ex. 22: vocabulary practice
  • Ex. 23: vocabulary practice
  • Ex. 24: discussion: formal instruction + practical experience + final exams
  • Ex 25 : reading and comprehension

Modal Verbs in Legal English

Ex. 1 - Insert the right word in the sentences below.
Shall, will, must, may and can/cannot

1) I _____ probably call in at the office tomorrow.
2) The parties _____ not assign the benefit of this agreement.
3) Unfortunately this firm does not carry out that type of work. Therefore, we _____ help you.
4) The goods _____ be delivered on the agreed date.
5) _____ I have a word with you in private please?
6) The parties _____ in their discretion use an approved expert to carry out the tasks.
7) It is clear that the company _____ carry out this type of work to high standards.
8) That contract _____ be on my desk by 5pm today.
9) Our senior partner has indicated that we _____ in our discretion take further work from that organisation.
10) Someone ought to go to the bank today _____ I go or _____ you be going?

Ex. 2 Expressing obligation, possibility, necessity and duty
Choose the word or phrase from the list below which best completes each of the following sentences. The phrase in square brackets [...] will help you to decide. Choose from:
(1) shall be (2) cannot be (3) ought to (4) is entitled to (5) may (6) are bound to (7) have to be (8) need not be (9) are binding on (10) may be required (11) are not entitled to

Example: Husbands and wives ___may _____ now sue each other in contract or tort.
[It is possible] Answer: (5)

a) By the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 the parties to a contract _________always to limit their liability under the contract. [They do not always have the right]
b) Article 4 of the EEC Treaty provides that the functions of the Community ________ carried out by the Assembly, the Council, the Commission and the Court of Justice. [They must be]
c) In English law a valid contract _________ reduced to writing. [It is not necessary]
d) Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 husband and wife __________ give evidence against each other in criminal cases where necessary. [They must give evidence]
e) The government __________ protect British subjects from criminals. [It has a duty]
f) A woman who stops work in order to have a baby __________ maternity pay for a period of up to 18 weeks. [She has a right to maternity pay]
g) Under English law transfers of land __________made by deed. [They must be made by deed]
h) Ec regulations are directly applicable laws which ____________ all Members States. [They must be applicable and respected]
i) A person who commits murder below the age of 18 years __________ sentenced to life imprisonment. [Its is not possible]
j) A breath test ________________when a police officer stops a car and smells alcohol on the driver’s breath [the police officer can demand it]

Keys ex. 2
are not always entitled
shall be
need not be
are bound to
ought to
is entitled to
have to be
are binding on
cannot be
may be required

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Homework Lesson 3

1. Cerca un esempio di questi documenti usati in tribunale:
- affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
- trascrivi la fonte + la definizione in English
- crea un mini-glossario (min. 10 parole)
2. Definisci in English “persons in court”(v. ILE p. 11) e aggiungi la traduzione in italiano
Esempio: Judge = (giudice) public official who has the authority to hear and decide cases

From Grammar text: Modal verbs 128-151

Lesson 3

13/10/07 Lesson 3

From Grammar book: check Simple Past vs Present Perfect
T. shows students’ work on projector: types of Italian courts

From ILE: pp.8-13
Bodies of Law & types of Law (statutes, codes, ordinances, regulations, directives, acts of Parliament)
types of courts (most jurisdictions tend to have lower courts, appeals courts and high courts/supreme courts).
Clarify distinction between crown courts and magistrates’ courts (common in UK).
Person in courts ( plaintiff the person who files the complaint, the defendant
Documents in court (affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
Latin language (pronunciation and definition)

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Homework Lesson 2

Homework lesson 2 11/10/07:

1. Dal testo di grammatica: Simple past vs Present perfect pp. 18-23, pp. 48-51, pp. 66-67

2. Complete extra exercise on the use of Latin in Legal English

3. Trova informazioni su un tipo di tribunale italiano e inserisci l’informazione in inglese (possibilmente breve). Pubblica il lavoro nel commento a questo post.

Visita o cerca in altre fonti
Esempio di lavoro
Supreme Court
(corte suprema): hears appeals both in civil and criminal matters against decisions reached by lower courts but only on points of law (assessment of legitimacy). It is thus concerned to ensure that the Court dealing with the merits of the case has correctly applied and interpreted the law in reaching its decision. It is a collegiate body dealing with ordinary jurisdiction.

Latin in Legal English

Worksheet 1.1

Put a Latin word or phrase listed below into each space.

ad hoc, de facto, e.g., et al., etc., i.e., inter alia, ipso facto,

per annum, per se, pro forma, pro rata, quorum, sic, sui juris,

ultra vires, v., viz

1 Employees may be required to participate in strategy teams, either by assignment or on an ___________ ____________ basis.
2 For tax purposes, taxable individual who hold their shares as a capital asset should treat each Special Distribution as if the company had purchased, on a __________ ___________ basis, a percentage of the shares held by each individual.
3 In affirming, the State Court of Appeals held,____________ _____________ ,that the statute was not unconstitutional under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
4 It is my recommendation that you obtain affidavits from potential witnesses,____________ your former colleagues,__________ .
5 Over the past five years, the value of shares in the corporation has risen by an average of 12% ____________ ____________ .
6 Relying primarily on Harris___________ Victor Finance___________ ___________, the Federal District Court concluded that the plaintiff had indeed violated the agreement.
7 She is not a lawyer____________ ___________ , but she does deal with all legal matters for her company, and is extremely well informed.
8 The following documents shall be considered and interpreted as constituting an integral part of this agreement,___________,: a) this contract form; b)the Special Conditions; c)…
9 The forthcoming election is widely seen as a _____________ ___________ referendum on the country’s continued membership of the EU.
10 The motion was not passed because a ____________ of members was not present at the meeting.
11 The plaintiff argued that the defendant had already submitted his resignation and thus he was,_____________ __________ , ineligible to be considered for promotion.
12 The plaintiff claim that the ordnance ( ____________ ) covering all such data is erroneous. Only the data which are in a form in which access or processing is practicable, ___________ print and electronic, are protected.
13 The rules governing conflict of interest do not prevent a lawyer from arbitrating or settling a dispute between two or more clients who are _________ __________ and who wish to submit the dispute to the lawyer.
14 The shareholders claimed that the directors had acted __________ _________ in
obtaining the loan, and that the shareholders were therefore not liable for its repayment.
15 The supplier sent____________ - ____________ invoices with all consignments on sale or return, and then issued a full invoice at the end of each month to take account of the units actually sold.

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Lesson 2

11/10/07 Lesson 2

Parte 1

- Features of Legal English language
- Grammar revision: present simple vs present continuous
- Present continuous vs will
- Will vs present simple
- Passive – simple

Parte 2

Presentazione commenti inviati al post homework Lesson 1
From ILE: pp.8-13
Bodies of Law & types of Law (statutes, codes, ordinances, regulations, directives, acts of Parliament),
types of courts (most jurisdictions tend to have lower courts, appeals courts and high courts/supreme courts).
Clarify distinction between crown courts and magistrates’ courts (common in UK).
Person in courts (plaintiff the person who files the complaint, the defendant
Documents in court (affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
Latin language (practice on pronunciation) Latin terms currently used in Legal English

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Homework Lesson 1

Homework Lesson 1 06/10/07

1. Dal testo di grammatica pp.10-11, pp.14-15, pp.40-41, pp.42-43, p.92 (a tua discrezione il numero di esercizi espletati Errata corridge: p. 292, introduzione uso del passivo not p.92)

2. Da leggere “civil law vs common law”, anche in italiano da o da altre fonti

3. Cerca su internet un esempio di “legal document” in inglese e pubblica il lavoro nel commento a questo post.

- riporta il link del documento
- aggiungi informazioni sul tipo di documento
- individua ca. dieci parole interessanti e riportale sotto sezione glossario.

Contratto per noleggio macchina
- Hereinafter: (adv): da qui in seguito
- Owner: proprietario
- Mileage: kilometraggio
- In sound and safe conditions: in ottime condizioni
- Rental period: periodo di affitto
- Renter: noleggiante (conducente)

Pubblica il lavoro nel commento a questo post

Questi sono solo alcuni degli esempi di documenti da cercare, ai quali si possono aggiungere: injunction, motion, affidavit

Power of Attorney/proxy is a legal document which gives someone authority to act on your behalf
Last Will or Testament: is a document by which a person (the
testator) regulates the rights of others over his property or family after death.
Lease agreement : creates a commercial tenancy between the landlord and the tenant
Warranty Deed: A general warranty deed is a type of
deed where the grantor (seller) guarantees that he or she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has a right to sell it to the grantee (buyer).
Bill of sale or a purchase of agreement: seller and purchaser(a document that transfers ownership of an asset from a seller to the buyer, a basic agreement for sale of goods. The bill of sale can be used for any items of value ( Vehicles Equipment Watercraft Aircraft Furniture Animals Property ie possessions)
Loan Agreement: An individual or a corporation is borrowing money from another individual or corporation or lending to
Shareholder agreement: Create an agreement among shareholders that says how the corporation will be managed, how disputes will be resolved, what will happen on the death of a shareholder, and to prevent shareholders from competing with the corporation.
Partnership agreement: A partnership is a form of business organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business with a view to making a profit. Each partner shares a fixed proportion of the partnership profits and losses.
Employment Contract: set outs duties and rights between employer and employee
Prenuptial agreement: setting out each party's assets, debts, and property rights before the marriage, settling issues of division of property and of spousal support in the event of marriage breakdown, ensuring your estate is distributed according to your wishes upon your death and protecting it from additional claims by your spouse, protecting the interests of children from a previous marriage.

Diario Lezioni_Lesson 1

Dear Student

Scienze Giuridiche e laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza di Taranto

Benvenuto al supporto on line

della prima lezione del tuo corso di inglese

Qui troverai un diario delle lezioni con risorse disponibili o link dove scaricare il materiale che sarà aggiornato continuamente.

Diventa parte attiva di questo weblog! partecipa ai lavori attraverso la sezione commenti.

06/10/07 Lesson 1

Part 1
- presentazione del corso
- presentazione delle risorse:
1. Testo di inglese legale:Krois-Lindner, International legal English, CUP, 2006, pp1-147 ;
2. Testo di grammatica : M. Vince, G. Cerulli, Inside Grammar, Macmillan, 2005 (+ fascicoletto con soluzioni); 3. - weblog – materiale on line; 4. Uso di You Tube ; 5. link utili
- Progetto glossario

Vedi link utili sul weblog
Università di Bologna – centro linguistico. Il corso è stato ideato per studenti iscritti alla facoltà di giurisprudenza ma in particolare al corso di laurea in Operatore Giuridico di Impresa. Da qui la scelta di focalizzare sulle procedure di apertura di un’attività di impresa ed i conseguenti problemi che risultano da essa.

Con una sezione task on line che presenta casi concreti sugli argomenti presentati nel testo “
International Legal English” coursebook published by Cambridge University Press.
Con una vasta gamma di esercizi ( lessico e grammatica ) e problematiche affrontate nell’ambito del diritto commerciale internazionale. Ottimo anche per attività di ascolto grazie alla presenza di alcune lezioni registrate in podcast e facilmente scaricabili.

Parte 2 Risorse da scaricare:

What is "legal English"

Features of Legal English

Features of Legal English_Practice