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Unit_6 Commercial Law: Introduction pp. 60-61 language in context - ex 3, 4 

Bodies of Law that govern Trade and Commerce

Profile of a Commercial Lawyer  Listening 6.1 page 62 ex 5-6
Language use: Adverbs functions

• Text analysis: Letter of Application pp 63-65 ex 10-13
• Commercial Law Internship Reading 2 pag 65 (solo lettura)

• Role of commercial agents pp. 66-67 (ex 18, 20)
. Language focus page 71 ex 1-5

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Words from the news

Amanda Knox faces Italy retrial over Kercher murder

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, June 2011Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito spent four years in jail for murder but were freed on appeal

American Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito must face a retrial over the killing in 2007 of her UK flatmate, Meredith Kercher, Italy's highest court has ruled.
Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito spent four years in jail for murder but were freed on appeal in October 2011, largely on the grounds DNA evidence was flawed.

Prosecutors appealed and the Court of Cassation overturned the acquittals.
Rudy Guede was convicted in a separate trial and sentenced to 16 years.
The Ivory Coast national was found guilty of sexually assaulting and stabbing Ms Kercher. He admitted being at the house on the night of the killing in November 2007, but denies murder.
'Very anxious'
Meredith Kercher, from Coulsdon, south London, had been on a year abroad from Leeds University when she was found semi-naked in her bedroom and with her throat cut in the cottage she shared with Miss Knox.

Addressing the court
on Monday, they urged the judges to "make sure the final curtain does not drop on this shocking and dire crime".Prosecutors believed she was killed in a brutal sex game that went wrong.
Miss Knox's Italian lawyer, Luciano Ghirga, said on Monday her client was "very anxious" about the latest hearing.
Miss Knox lives in Seattle and a retrial is likely to take place in absentia, as the US is unlikely to extradite her, analysts say.
Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito were originally sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison for killing and sexually assaulting Meredith Kercher.

Task 1: Translate in Italian the language highlighted in blue above
Task 2: How do you see this retrial? 

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Lesson_ 9

Unit 5_ revision

  • Listening 1_ ex 9
  • Listening 2 (5.3-5.4)
  • Key  terms_ 2 page 56 ex 20
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Language focus
Extra exercises_company law 
page 328 ex 2; page 330 ex 2; pp 333-334 ex 1,2;page 337 ex 1; pp 339-341 ex 1, 2
Toles foundation practice page 345 ex 1, 2

Unit 6_ Reading 1_commercial law  pp. 60-61 - ex 3, 4 

Bodies of Law that govern Trade and Commerce

• Istituto Commerciale Commercio Estero (ICE)

• Chamber of Commerce in Italy

• Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

• World Trade Organization (WTO) + video (WTO)

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Check students' homework

Introduction to New Unit: Company law
  • Reading 1 pp 50-51 ex 1-3
Partnership vs company
Limited partnership with shares= società in accomandita per azioni
Limited Partnership = società in accomandita semplice
General Partnerhip = Società in nome collettivo
Limited Share Company = Società per azioni
Limited Liability Company = Società a responsabilità limitata.
Setting up a company in the UK - how easy/difficult is it?

Company act 2006 è una completa codificazione della legge sulle società in Inghilterra e Galles, 
  • Reading_3: Breach of Companies Act 2006 pp54-55 ex 12-15
  • Key terms_2: Public relations page 56 ex 20
  • Text analysis: Reading a statute page 57 ex 21-23
Listening 1 + Listening 2 suggested only
Language Focus pag 59 ex 1-3

EXTRA: If you like to investigate more the area of company law
Review of Italian and UKCompany Law.  A joint study by. Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili.

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Sospensione Lezioni

Come già anticipato al corso, le lezioni del 10 e del 12 aprile sono cancellate poiché sono impegnata a partecipare alla conferenza IATEFL in Liverpool

Il giorno 5 aprile ci sarà comunque  una lezione di recupero dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 11:00

Cercate di non mancare!

Words in the news

Identity theft

-  Identity theft warning to web networkers

Fraudsters jailed for multiple identity thefts

- Wastebins offer opportunities for identity theft

What can we learn from reading these articles?? 


Vocabulary revision : Criminal Law
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanours

Reading 1 pp 39-40 ex 3-5

Grammar: Passive constructions

Key terms_1: punishments

Reading 2: White-collar crime: insider dealing and market abuse pp 43-44 ex ex 19-21

Key terms_2: identity theft

  • Listening activities sugggested only
  • Language use_3: giving advice and expressing obligations page 47 ex 31-32
  • Language focus page 49 ex 1-3

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Check sts' homework
Frivoulous lawsuit: Audio 3.1

Focus on language:
to find for
to find against
to affirm
to  reverse
to appeal
loss or harm suffered
deter s.o. from doing sth
types of loss: damage to property, loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, reasonable medical expenses.
the proximate cause
wilful harm

Word formation
Noun                       Adjectives


Criminal Law - Introduction
Vocabulary pag 39 ex 1 (tradurre in italiano e pubblicare sul blog )
The Central Criminal Court in the Uk "The old Bailey"
Reading 1 pp 39-40 ex 2-6
If you were wondering how the case Pryce vs Huhne evolved .. read

Huhne and Pryce: what is the normal sentence for their crime?

key language: to pervert the course of justice (ostacolare il corso della giustizia) 

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Lesson 5

- More verbs + prepositions:
  • to be liable for something
  • to bring a case against someone
  • to be guilty of an offence
  • to accuse someone of something
  • to preside over a case
  • to specialize in something
  • to claim damages for something
  • to act as a client
  • to sentence someone to a punishement
  • to enter into a contract
  • to file a lawsuit against 
  • to be in breach 
  • to award damages to 
  • to sue s.o. for 


Tort Law 
A body of law that addresses and provides remedies  for civil wrongs not  arising out of contractual relationship

Reading 1_ pp28-29 ex 1-5

Language focus:
  • civil wrong
  • contractual relations
  • injured party
  • fraudulent misrepresentation
  • medical expenses
  • monetary damage
  • the standard of proof
  • strict liability torts
  • to be entitled to 

 Reading 2_ pp30-31 ex 7-9, 11

•the trial court found for the plaintiff
•the harm to the plaintiff
•harm was not wilful on the part of defendant
•the proximate cause of 
•the court reversed the decision

Ref to the film "Erin Brockovich"


Listening 1 pag. 32 ex 15-16 Frivoulous lawsuits
Reading 3 pag 33 ex 18-19 The Kent Law Clinic
Language use: asking for information
Pag 34 ex 25

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Words in context

Terminology: Explain these terms in your own words. Use expressions such as: this is the word for../This is the person who …/This is what you do when ..
  • damages vs damage
  • assignor vs assignee
  • the non-braching party vs the breaching party
  • spcific performance
  • restitution
  • the injured party 
  • remedy

Damages: risarcimento danni, indennizzo, risarcimento

Different types of damages:
  • substantial damages
  • punitive (or exemplary) damages
  • liquidated damages
Consolidate your "legal English" through news articles Look up on the Guadian or the BBC news  to find news articles dealing with:
- Punitive damages / Exemplary damages 
- Nominal damages 
- Substantial damages 

Nel vs articolo estrapolate parole chiavi legate all'area giuridica e pubblicate il lavoro
Enjoy it!


Contract law: homework revision and consolidation
  • Collocations: pp 19-20 ex 5-8
  • p. 20 Reading 2
  • p. 21 Contract Law Lecture
  • p. 22 Reading 3 Contract caluse
  • p.24 Modal Verbs ex 28
  • p. 25 Email of advice
Listening (reading tapescript pag 23 Conditions and warranties ex 25
Extra exercises (modal verbs)Letter pag 26 ex 32 Publish your letter!
Language focus pag 27 ex 1-4

Tort Law  Reading 1_ pp28-29 ex 1-5

Language focus:
•civil wrong
•contractual relations
•injured party
•fraudulent misrepresentation
•medical expenses
•monetary damages