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Lesson 23rd November

Text analysis audio transcript 9.1 pag 136
Collocations - phrasal verbs - idiomatic expressions
  • to have a considerable impact on (sth/so)
  • to have a considerable impact in (place)
  • to be seen in the context of
  • a growing concern
  • to rely on
  • to accuse someone over/of sth
  • to go up to
  • to call in
  • to have right to ..
  • the right of someone to ....
  • to take actions against ..
  • social dumping
  • wage dumping
  • collective bargaining
  • fair working conditions
  • regardless of ...
Supporting material to the Laval case

Reading 3 -4 US patents laws

From the news
Patent infringement: Mobile phone makers wage war to protect their patents
Copyright law: Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Who feeds the artist ? Forum d'Avignon 19 November 2011, Avignon, France            
Language focus: pag 105 ex 1-3

Unit 10 - Reading 1 Comparative Law pp 106-107 ex 1-3

List of legal systems

• Civil Law

• Common Law

• Religious Law (Muslim Law, Hindu Law, Jewish Law)

• Chinese Law

• Socialist Law

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