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Lesson_ 14th November

- Check students' homework
 - Contratto di affitto

- Grammar point: Conditional forms & future forms

a) If Berlusconi had not resigned (stepped down), ...........
b) If the Italian lower House had not approved the austerity law,
c) If Mario Monti accepts the nomination of Prime Minister,
d) If Berlusconi returned to power,
Monti's promises:
-  He will do his best to serve Italy during the economic crisis
-  He will work with urgency, but also with scruples
-  We (the technocrat government) will aim at solving the financial situation, resume the path of growth.
- We will  build a future of dignity and hope for our children.
- We will respect the country's parliament and hold urgent consultations with its political forces.

Unit 8 _Reading 1: Litigation and arbitrationpp 83-85 ex 1-6

Focus on language: How do you say that … in Italian?
  • Disputing parties
  • Litigation
  • Settlement
  • Hearing
  • Pleading
  • Out –of-court settlement
  • Binding decision
  • Legal fees
  • To settle a dispute
  • To reach a settlement
  • To enforce/deliver judgment
  • To save money on
  • To threaten to sue
  • To face court proceedings/litigation costs
  • To deny accusations
  • To pursue a claim
  • In connection with
Examples of disputes:Dispute over people's behaviour may involve conflict between neighbours over anti-social behaviour (loud parties or verbal abuse)
Business disputes can involve different interpretation of the terms of a contract, or questions over whether a contract has been breached, and what remedies/damages are appropriate.
Planning disputes include situations where, for example, a property owner plans to construct a new building, or improve an existing building. (ie planning permissions)
Environmental disputes include disputes over resources and questions over who has the right to exploit those resources, and at what cost to the environment.

    ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution:
    • negotiation: participation is voluntary and there is no third party who facilitates the resolution process or imposes a resolution
    • arbitration:participation is typically voluntary, and there is a third party who, as a private judge, imposes a resolution. Arbitrations often occur because parties to contracts agree that any future dispute concerning the agreement will be resolved by arbitration.
    • mediation:there is a third party, a mediator, who facilitates the resolution process (and may even suggest a resolution, typically known as a "mediator's proposal"), but does not impose a resolution on the parties

      Reading 2
      letter of invitationpp 85-86 ex 7 - ref to ELSA (European Law Students' Association
      Future forms: present continuous vs will vs going to
    Listening 1 Question and answer session
    pag 87 ex 10-12
    peanut kernel case
    Reading 3 Avoiding litigation page 88 ex 14-16
    Reading 4 Cost of litigation page 89 ex 18-21
    Reading 5 Letter before action page 90 ex 24-25

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