domenica 23 ottobre 2011

Lesson 7_24th October

Check homework
New topic: identity theft – reading pag45 ex 23-24
BBC article: Consumer advice :identity theft
 - Language use: Giving advicea dn expressing obligation p. 47 ex 32
- Language focus p. 49
Introduction to New Unit: Company law
  • Reading 1 pp 50-51 ex 1-3
Partnership vs company
Limited partnership with shares= società in accomandita per azioni
Limited Partnership = società in accomandita semplice
General Partnerhip = Società in nome collettivo
Limited Share Company = Società per azioni
Limited Liability Company = Società a responsabilità limitata.
Setting up a company in the UK - how easy/difficult is it?

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abogadakaren ha detto...

Don't forget the LLC and corporation statutes in the US too! Minnesota, for example, has the LLC and Partnership Acts ( as well as the Corporation Act (

Karen Lundquist