martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Lesson 4_12th October

Contract Law
- Students comments
- p. 19 ex 5-8 Collocations
- Revision & Consolidation:
p. 20 Reading 2
p. 21 Contract Law Lecture
p. 22 Reading 3 Contract caluse
p.24 Modal Verbs ex 28
p. 25 Email of advice

Listening pag 23 Conditions and warranties ex 25
Extra exercises (modal verbs)Letter pag 26 ex 32 Publish your letter!
Language focus pag 27 ex 1-4

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mary ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
mary ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

Marina ...let's say that I appreciated your effort.. However, please check the spelling before sending out the comment.

Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

..spelliiiiiiing!!! check all the words again and send a new comment!!

mary ha detto...

I think that my English isn't good,so I check terms and they contein all mistakes..Sorry.
Damage= danno;Consideration=in the legal english means "valore di";
Counter-offer=contro offerta;Slander=calunnia;
Convict=condanna;Obligation=obbligazioni;Breach of contract=rotura del contratto;
VISA=permesso di soggiorno;
Assign=assegnare;Law court=tribunale;Lawful=legale;Lawless=illegale;
Lawsuit=causa,processo;Treatise=trattato ...and more others terms.Sorry for the others comments. Marina

Fabrizio Cesareo ha detto...

ES. N.32, P.26, U.2:

Dear Ms Staines
Thank you for coming to see me on 7 November to discuss your problems with Burnett TV Supplies. I'm writing to summarise our discussion and to confirm your instructions.
You told me that Berlingua recently bought a new satelitte system (including built-in hard drive) for educational use at 50% of the normal price from Burnett TV Supplies. This was to be used to record foreign-language TV programmes for use during lessons. When you first set it up and tried to record, you realised that the timer function was broken. When you contacted Mr Burnett to ask for a replacement, you were told that you couldn't expect it to work perfectly at such a cheap price. They refused to replace the system, but did offer to repair it at a cost of £130.
The law is very clear on problems such as yours. If a reduction is offered due to a defect in the product, this defect must be pointed out at the time of purchase. As Mr Burnett did not this, you may claim either a full refund or a replacement system.
Please could you confirm which of the two options you would prefer? I will then write to Mr Burnett on your behalf; he would have no chance in a small claims court. I will be in touch again shortly. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
With kind regards
Susan Carter

Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

Fabrizio, I appreciate your ability to copy "a sample answer" but you think it shows any competence in writing a letter of advice??? - La consegna recita: "Use the email in Ex 29 as a model" not copy entirely the sample answer!!!

Valentina Lo Savio ha detto...

Dear Ms Staines,

I have analyzed your case against Simon Burnett of “Burnett Tv Supplies”. I am writing to summarise it. You told me that you bought a satellite system at 50% of the normal price from Burnett Tv Supplies but, when you tried to record with timer function, you realized that it does not work. It only work with a physically press. Mr. Burnett refused to replace the satellite system but he have offered to repair it to a cost of 130 £. Under Sale of Goods Act if the reduction of the price due to imperfections, Mr. Burnett must inform you at the moment of the purchase. Furthermore, the defect of the satellite system does not pointed out to you. You are completely entitled to require a full refund or a replacement system . I am sure that Mr. Burnett has no chance in the small claims court. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

With regards
Lo Savio Valentina