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Lesson 2

11/10/07 Lesson 2

Parte 1

- Features of Legal English language
- Grammar revision: present simple vs present continuous
- Present continuous vs will
- Will vs present simple
- Passive – simple

Parte 2

Presentazione commenti inviati al post homework Lesson 1
From ILE: pp.8-13
Bodies of Law & types of Law (statutes, codes, ordinances, regulations, directives, acts of Parliament),
types of courts (most jurisdictions tend to have lower courts, appeals courts and high courts/supreme courts).
Clarify distinction between crown courts and magistrates’ courts (common in UK).
Person in courts (plaintiff the person who files the complaint, the defendant
Documents in court (affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
Latin language (practice on pronunciation) Latin terms currently used in Legal English

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