mercoledì 17 ottobre 2007

Lesson 4

18/10/07 Lesson 4

From grammar book: Use of modal verbs
Modal verbs in Legal English_practice

Organization of Justice in England & Wales Organigramma
Organization of Justice in England and Wales_ Description
Organization of Justice in Italy

From ILE text book:

  • Person in courts ( plaintiff the person who files the complaint, the defendant the person who…)
  • Documents in court (affidavit, answer, brief, complaint, injunction, motion, notice, pleading, writ)
  • collocations
  • Latin language (pronunciation insert extension exercise on the web log
  • Extra exercise_Latin language

    Part II A Career in the law
  • Ex.20 – discussion & listening
    Vocabulary: lawyer, solicitor, barrister, attorney, notary, notary public (US), corporate counsel
  • Ex. 22: vocabulary practice
  • Ex. 23: vocabulary practice
  • Ex. 24: discussion: formal instruction + practical experience + final exams
  • Ex 25 : reading and comprehension

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