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Lesson 16.11.2010

Listening 1 - Property law presentation pag 76 ex 11-12
For more general information:

Key terms: Buying a real property

  • a lien
  • a deposit
  • rental income
  • a mortgage
  • conveyance
  • an escrow : (atto o bene depositato presso terzi/deposito in garanzia) Something of value, such as a deed, stock, money, or written instrument, that is put into the custody of a third person by its owner, a grantor, an obligor, or a promisor, to be retained until the occurrence of a contingency or performance of a condition.
  • an escrow account
  • an escrow agreement
  • in escrow: in garanzia
  • an easement
  • cadastral register
  • a chain of title A chain of title is the sequence of historical transfers of title to a property. The "chain" runs from the present owner back to the original owner of the property..
  • capital appreciation: (quotazione di fondi) A rise in the value of an asset based on a rise in market price
  • stamp duty : (tassa di bollo, imposta) a tax on the conveyance of real property
  • notarial deed:
  • an encumbrance : (vincolo) a restriction on the use of the property
  • gazump: (imbroglio)raising the price just before the papers are signed
  • foreclosure: (pignoramento) “The bank was forced to foreclose the property”

Listening 2: Telelephone enquiry: Invest in a buy-to-let property in Prague. pp.78-79 ex.19-22
- Acquistare una proprietà in Italia

Reading 3: Draft tenancy agreement pag 80 ex 1-2
- Deed of conveyance


  • Language focus pag 82 ex. 1-4
  • Listening 7.4 pag 81 ex 26

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