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Lesson 15


Verifica Vocabulary Unit 8
fotocopia distribuita durante la lezione

Check Reading 3 pag 88 ex 16
suggests ways to prevent disputes from arising in the first place and ideas for managing them
Notes on the reading:
a 'loser pays' rule states that the loser in any litigation is responsible for paying the other party's legal fees
In un articolo pubblicato su pointoflaw riporta che la giurisdizione americana il concetto del 'loser pays' non è inserito automaticamente e questa potrebbe essere una delle ragioni per cui in America cè una corposa casistica di 'frivolous cases'

Reading 5 pag 89-91 ex 22-28
In what different ways can a person's employment end?

  • end of the contract
  • hand in a notice
  • dismissed or fired
  • made redundant
  • leave as a result of the employer's behaviour and sue for constructive dismissal
Collocations from the letter pag 90

  • strictly private and confidential
  • fully entitled
  • shorty forthcoming

  • strenuously denies
  • recently informed

  • confidential information
  • previous criticism
  • a positive asset
  • a substantial increase
  • constructive dismissal
  • excellent prospects
  • exemplary damages
  • alternative means
  • satisfactory proposals

Language focus pag 93 ex1 1-5

Listening 2 : lawyer-client interview pp 91-92
8.2- 8.3 ex 29-32
Reading 1: International Law pp 94-95

language notes to listening 2

  • to allege vb = claim formally that it is true
  • allegation n. = a formal accusation against someone
  • professional negligence = isa tort in English law, where the defendant has failed to fulfil a duty of care towards the claimant
  • repudiatory breach of contract = fundamental breach
  • burden of proof = is the duty of one party to prove disputed charges

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