domenica 22 novembre 2009

Lesson 14

Reading 1: Litigation and arbitration
pp 83-85 ex 1-6

Examples of disputes:

  • Dispute over people's behaviour may involve conflict between neighbours over anti-social behaviour (loud parties or verbal abuse)
  • Business disputes can involve different interpretation of the terms of a contract, or questions over whether a contract has been breached, and what remedies/damages are appropriate.
  • Planning disputes include situations where, for example, a property owner plans to construct a new building, or improve an existing building. (ie planning permissions)
  • Environmental disputes include disputes over resources and questions over who has the right to exploit those resources, and at what cost to the environment.

Futher information

Reading 2 letter of invitation
pp 85-86 ex 7

Language use: Future forms
present continuous vs will

Listening 1 Question and answer session
pag 87 ex 10-12
peanut kernel case

Reading 3 pag 88 ex 14-16
Reading 4 Cost of litigation pag 89 ex 18-21

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