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Revision reading 3-5 pp 88-90

Collocations from the letter pag 90
  • strictly private and confidential
  • fully entitled
  • shortly forthcoming
  • strenuously denies
  • recently informed
  • confidential information
  • previous criticism
  • a positive asset
  • a substantial increase
  • constructive dismissal (licenziamento senza giusta causa)
  • excellent prospects
  • exemplary damages
  • alternative means
  • satisfactory proposals
Listening 2 Lawyer-client interview pp 91-92 ex 29-32
Students act out the interview

Language Focus page 93 ex 1-5


Unit 9 - Reading 1: International Law pp 94-96 ex 2-5

  1. Parties to a treaty
  2. ....the treaty is in force
  3. ....a signatory to a convention
  4. Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  5. ...are entitled to special protection
  6. International laws apply to the citizens
  7. ...regulations are binding on Partner States

Intergovernmental organizations

No significant differences:
Conventions – Vienna Convention (full text)
  • agreemments
  • charters
  • framework conventions deal with very broad areas

United Nations 

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I think,that with the" Universal declaration of human rights",it was possible to put an end allae barbarism which offended and despised human rights,for this it must be understood not only as a tool that promoted requires respect for human rights but primarily as the foundation of justice and peace in the world.