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  •  Key terms: page 77 ex 16; page 79 ex 23
  •  Listening1 7.1 Property Law Presentation  ex. 11, 12
  • Listening 2  page 78 ex 19-21
  • Reading 3: Draft tenancy agreement page 80 ex 25
  • Language focus page 82 ex 1-4
Unit 8 _ Litigation and Arbitration

Focus on language: How do you say that … in Italian?
  • Disputing parties
  • Litigation
  • Settlement
  • Hearing
  • Pleading
  • Out –of-court settlement
  • Binding decision
  • Legal fees
  • To settle a dispute
  • To reach a settlement
  • To enforce/deliver judgment
  • To save money on
  • To threaten to sue
  • To face court proceedings/litigation costs
  • To deny accusations
  • To pursue a claim
  • In connection with
Examples of disputes:• Dispute over people's behaviour may involve conflict between neighbours over anti-social behaviour (loud parties or verbal abuse)
• Business disputes can involve different interpretation of the terms of a contract, or questions over whether a contract has been breached, and what remedies/damages are appropriate.
• Planning disputes include situations where, for example, a property owner plans to construct a new building, or improve an existing building. (ie planning permissions)
• Environmental disputes include disputes over resources and questions over who has the right to exploit those resources, and at what cost to the environment. 

    ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution:
    • negotiation: participation is voluntary and there is no third party who facilitates the resolution process or imposes a resolution
    • arbitration:participation is typically voluntary, and there is a third party who, as a private judge, imposes a resolution. Arbitrations often occur because parties to contracts agree that any future dispute concerning the agreement will be resolved by arbitration.
    • mediation:there is a third party, a mediator, who facilitates the resolution process (and may even suggest a resolution, typically known as a "mediator's proposal"), but does not impose a resolution on the parties

      Reading 2 
      letter of invitationpp 85-86 ex 7 - ref to ELSA (European Law Students' Association 
    • Future forms: present continuous vs will vs going to
    Listening 1 Question and answer session
    pag 87 ex 10-12peanut kernel case
    Reading 3 Avoiding litigation page 88 ex 14-16
    Reading 4 Cost of litigation page 89 ex 18-21

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    Disputing parties = parti contendenti/del contenzioso
    Litigation = contenzioso
    Settlement = accordo
    Hearing = udienza
    Pleading = memorie, elementi
    Out –of-court settlement = accordo extra-giudiziale
    Binding decision = decisione vincolante
    Legal fees = onorari
    To settle a dispute = transare una disputa
    To reach a settlement = raggiungere un accordo
    To enforce/deliver judgment = ottemperare al/il giudicato
    To save money on = risparmiare
    To threaten to sue = minacciar di citare in giudizio
    To face court proceedings/litigation costs = fronteggiare le spese processuali
    To deny accusations = respingere le accuse
    To pursue a claim = seguire una causa
    In connection with = in connessione con

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    good job Fabrizio!