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Lesson 4

13/10 Lesson 4

Part one
From ILE textbook:

Focus on the language on p.18
How to describe a lawyer’s job
Works as/in
Meets with..
Plans to …..
Carries out …..
Deals with …
Assists …..
Serves as ….
Specialises in …
Represents …..
Owns ….
Argues ….

Language notes for Listening 4 p.18

A litigator= is a lawyer who specializes in litigation (=lawsuits)
Provides advocacy for her clients= she represents them in court and in similar adversarial situations.
Copyright infringement suits (cause per violazioni di copyright)= involve any alleged illegal use of copyrighted material.
Clearances of trademarks (nulla osta dei marchi)= involve checking that planned trademarks are not already owned by another party, and are not going to result in litigation.
A retainer agreement (contratto d’ingaggio)= is a written agreement between a client and a lawyer, setting out the details of their long-term relationship.
A cartel = is a group of organizations which work together to fix prices in the industry they control. In most countries, they are illegal, as they exploit consumers and distort free trade. E.g. OPEC which tries to manipulate the international price of oil.
Attorney= avvocato, procuratore
Attorney general = Uk Procuratore Generale US Ministro della Giustizia
Foreclosure (vendita forzata di beni ipotecati) = when the property owner fails to keep up with regular mortgage repayments, the lender has the right to recover the money loaned by forcing the sale of the property.

Types of legal firms:
Solo practice (solo practioner)= professionista autonomo
global firm,
small law firm (boutique),
mid-size law firm,
large law firm

Introduction to Company formation and management
Concept of liability = legal responsibility in case sth goes wrong
Company (can be liable, owners are insulated from this threat
Partnership (cannot be liable while its owners are responsible for their actions)

Discussion: differences between a company and partnership, documents requested to form a company and people involved in the management.
Ex.1 Reading & comprehension
Questions to reinforce vocabulary

Focus on language: collocations

Extension exercise 2.1_ collocation

Ex 2-3: Vocabulary practice
Listening 1+ transcript
Company formation: Ex 4-6

Part 2
From Grammar book:
Revision of Modal verbs

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