mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014


Key terms_1: punishments

Reading 2: White-collar crime: insider dealing and market abuse pp 43-44 ex ex 19-21

Key terms_2: identity theft

Listening activities sugggested only
Language use_3: giving advice and expressing obligations page 47 ex 31-32
Language focus page 49 ex 1-3

Introduction to Company law
  • Reading 1 pp 50-51 ex 1-3
Partnership vs company
Limited partnership with shares= società in accomandita per azioni
Limited Partnership = società in accomandita semplice
General Partnerhip = Società in nome collettivo
Limited Share Company = Società per azioni
Limited Liability Company = Società a responsabilità limitata.
Setting up a company in the UK - how easy/difficult is it?

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