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  • Frivolous Lawsuits page 32 ex 14-16
  • Language Use: Asking for information
  • Reading 4 Letter threatening legal action
  • Language Focus 

Criminal Law

Reading 1 pp 39-40 ex 3-5

1.      armed robbery
a  killing somebody through an act or omission
2.        arson
b  deceiving somebody out of money or property
3.      assault
c  creating a false document
4.      battery
d  using a weapon to take money or property by force or direct threat of violence
5.      bribery
e  violence or abuse against a member of the offender's own household (e.g. wife/husband and children)
6.      burglary
 intentionally burning a building
7.      domestic violence
 buying and selling illegal narcotics
8.      drug trafficking
h  operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
9.      drunk driving
i  entering a building with intent to commit a crime
10.  embezzlement
 striking a person with intent to harm
11.  extortion 
k  attempting to physically attack a person.
12.  forgery
l  giving money etc. to influence a public official
13.  fraud
m  stealing from an employer
14.  homicide 
n  obtaining money or property through indirect threats or intimidation 

From the Guardian: Berlusconi first criminal conviction 
From the BBC Pistorious sentence

Grammar: Passive constructions

Key terms_1: punishments

Self Study:
Listening 1 strongly suggested 
Reading 2 White-collar crime page 43-44 ex ex 19-21

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