mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

Words in context

Terminology: Explain these terms in your own words. Use expressions such as: this is the word for../This is the person who …/This is what you do when ..
  • damages vs damage
  • assignor vs assignee
  • the non-braching party vs the breaching party
  • spcific performance
  • restitution
  • the injured party 
  • remedy

Damages: risarcimento danni, indennizzo, risarcimento

Different types of damages:
  • substantial damages
  • punitive (or exemplary) damages
  • liquidated damages
Consolidate your "legal English" through news articles Look up on the Guadian or the BBC news  to find news articles dealing with:
- Punitive damages / Exemplary damages 
- Nominal damages 
- Substantial damages 

Nel vs articolo estrapolate parole chiavi legate all'area giuridica e pubblicate il lavoro
Enjoy it!

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Paola La Sorsa ha detto...

BBC 7 December 2012
Trayvon Martin gunman George Zimmerman sues NBC

The man facing a murder charge over the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin is launching legal action against a US TV network.
Lawyers for George Zimmerman are seeking PUNITIVE DAMAGES from NBC over edits of a police call he made on the night Trayvon Martin was killed 2012

Lawyers avvocati
Unfairly ingiustamente
Accusation accusa,imputazione
Lawsuit causa
Complaint denuncia
Shooting sparatoria
defamation lawsuit querela per diffamazione
self-defence legittima difesa
trial processo
legal team

Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

brava Paola! .. that's a good start! .. let's see who is next ..

Fabri Fox DJ ha detto...

This legal case presents one of the most important environmental disaster of our story.
Bp is considered liable for the oil spill that caused the death of animals under and over
the sea, the desperation for entire populations which live near the place of the accident.
These mistakes about actions and the way to intend the economy and life, don't take prisoners.
This happens because money doesn't smell.

pay compensation = pagamento in compensazione
lawsuits = azioni legali
to argue = argomentare
financial obligations = obbligazioni finanziarie
drilling company = società di trivellazione
broad indemnity = ampio/pieno risarcimento
loss = perdita
to pursue settlements = seguire la strada degli accordi
trial = processo
To compel = costringere/ obbligare
leverage = influenza/ potere