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Check sts' homework
Frivoulous lawsuit: Audio 3.1

Focus on language:
to find for
to find against
to affirm
to  reverse
to appeal
loss or harm suffered
deter s.o. from doing sth
types of loss: damage to property, loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, reasonable medical expenses.
the proximate cause
wilful harm

Word formation
Noun                       Adjectives


Criminal Law - Introduction
Vocabulary pag 39 ex 1 (tradurre in italiano e pubblicare sul blog )
The Central Criminal Court in the Uk "The old Bailey"
Reading 1 pp 39-40 ex 2-6
If you were wondering how the case Pryce vs Huhne evolved .. read

Huhne and Pryce: what is the normal sentence for their crime?

key language: to pervert the course of justice (ostacolare il corso della giustizia) 

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sefora pezzarossa ha detto...

Imprisonment for obstructing the course of justice between four and thirty months.
To the case of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce was worth instead of eight months.
But what 'resulting from this incident and were both punished for the violation has occurred, because I think that a minister must not only make laws, but also know how to respect.

Fabri ha detto...

The case discussed during lesson (about ginger beer) was Donoghue vs. Stevenson.

Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

Thanks Fabri ... You can all read the case in full here

or on a BBC article

Fabri ha detto...

It's not important to publish this comment. Last lesson I was busy to get notes and I didn't write down the exercises for the next time.
So I would you to give me them if it's possibile. Regards, Fabri.