sabato 16 ottobre 2010

Something funny

Per caso mi sono trovata su un video dei comici americani Marx Brothers che in una loro parodia sbeffeggiano il linguaggio del diritto.
Da "A night at the Opera"

La scena del contratto (trascrizione ) dove Groucho e Chico a turno si prendono gioco delle clausole contenute in un contratto.. "the party of the first party of the second party, party of the third party"


2 commenti:

fedeg ha detto...

Good afternoon prof!in my opinion the video it's funny!but i don't understand the complete dialogue because the two characters speak very fast and their pronunciation it's tight for me!i think that the most important problem for students as me who want to learn english is try to approach a conversations as that in the video!

Dott.ssa Maria Lombardi ha detto...

Hi Fedeg .., you're right, it is difficult to understand .. that's why I inserted the link to the actual sketch with the tapescript ...

I know exactly what you're going through .. since once I was (and still I am) a student too!!