mercoledì 14 novembre 2007

Terms of the week

damages: al pl (leg) danni, risarcimento dei danni, indenizzo
damages claim= richiesta di risarcimento;
damages for breach of contract = risarcimento per inadempimento contrattuale; to award damagees= decretare il risarcimento dei danni;
to be liable for damages = essere responsabile dei danni;
to pay £ 1.000.000 in damages = pagare un risarcimento di ..
damage survey= perizia dei danni

non-monetary relief = "risarcimento" non monetario
remedy that is not money, but rather something else such as an injunction, a declaratory judgement, specific performance or modification of a cotnract.

In a legal action for descrimination the individual shall be provided with all non-monetary equitable remedies and back pay. Mitigation of damages may be taken into account where appropriate.

"With respect to employees, the Department shall provide all appropriate non-monetary relief, including placement into new position, cancellation of unwarranted personnel action, expungement of adverse materials from Department records, and full restoration of employee benefits the individual would have received absent discrimination."

Here are some more examples of non-monetary relief

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