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Homework Lesson 8

Homework Lesson 8

From ILE text book:

pp. 64-65 Introduction to contract formation + Key terms ex. 2-3

Language notes Reading 1:
assignment: involves transferring the rights of the contract to another person.
Information on USA’s Uniform Commercial Code Act is available online at
Information on the Uk’s Sale of Goods Acts see
The conduct of the parties is the way they behave.
An instrument is a written legal document, such as a contract or a will.
There is a statute of frauds in most common law jurisdictions stating which types of contract must be in writing. This includes not only property, but also marriage

Further information on contract information
- There is a clear overview of contracts at
- For a guide to contract formation in a range of European countries, including both common law and civil law jurisdictions, see See also for EU’s Principles of European Contract Law

2. Compare contract clauses in English and Italian in the context of a “letter of appointment”

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