domenica 5 marzo 2017

English for Professionals_7

Lesson 7 [4th March 15:30-19:30]

Si conclude, con questo incontro, un percorso di studio sulla lingua inglese per scopi specifici che ha visto impegnati avvocati e agenti di commercio desiderosi di mettersi al passo con i tempi. Siamo consapevoli che si tratta solo di un primo step e che tanto ancora bisogna aggiungere ma intanto siamo partiti ...!  

 Confusing words in legal English
Vocabulary test
Prepositions from lesson 6
Students will be asked to deal with a case study
They have also been asked to write a legal opinion about a legal matter
Conclusions and feedback about the course

     How to deal with a case study: 
  •      The facts of the case 
  •      Who are the parties?
  •      What do you know about each of them?
  •      What was the agreement? 
  •      What went wrong?
  •      What does each side want?

Relevant legal documents
     Text 1 is an authentic extract from the UK Sale of Goods act 1979
Text 2 is a more detailed explanation of how to calculate damages for breach of warranty.
Text 3 refers to a precedent 

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