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Text analysis audio transcript 9.1 pag 136
Collocations - phrasal verbs - idiomatic expressions - collocations
  •  to have a considerable impact on (sth/so)
  • to have a considerable impact in (place)
  • to be seen in the context of
  • a growing concern
  • to rely on
  • to accuse someone over/of sth
  • to go up to
  • to call in
  • to have right to ..
  • the right of someone to ....
  • to take actions against ..
  • social dumping
  • wage dumping
  • collective bargaining
  • fair working conditions
  • regardless of ...
Supporting material to the Laval case 

Reading 3 -4 US patents laws

From the news
- The Guardian "Why copyright matters"  "EU debates biopiracy law to protect indigenous people"
Language focus: pag 105 ex 1-3

Unit 10 - Reading 1 Comparative Law pp 106-107 ex 1-3

List of legal systems 
• Civil Law 
• Common Law 
• Religious Law (Muslim Law, Hindu Law, Jewish Law) 
• Chinese Law 
• Socialist Law

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sefora ha detto...

L'article of the "guardian",it proposed a note respect to the importance of the copyright; it develops a fundamentale role to guardianship of the authors, or artist especially whit internet,infact its utility not only pours again him in the creative liberty of the author, but also to its right in economic terms.

Sestina ha detto...

The article the "guardian " provides the copyright in the age of the internet.
Copyright play a key role in promoting and protecting a creative talent, in fact anyone who writes or publishes something online on social platforms is entitled to protection
The usefulness of copyright is based on the creative freedom of the author and on his right in economic terms