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Here are some common collocations referring to legal English vocabulary

Words connected with "case"

A case is a legal action that will be decided in a court of law

adjective + noun
  • court case: a case that will be heard in court
  • criminal case: a case involving a criminal act
  • civil case: a case under civil lawbring a case (against somebody): to file charges against another person

vb + noun

  • to defend a case: to try to prove that the accused is innocent
  • to consider a case: to hear the defence and prosecution arguments and reach a decision
  • to hear a case: or consider a case
  • to handle a case: to be in charge of representing either side
  • to prosecute a case: when the prosecuiton decides to press charges and asks a court to hear the case
  • to deliberate the case : when the jury retires to discuss the case and reach a verdict
  • to dismiss a case: to end a case without reaching a verdict
  • to settle a case: to reach an agreement without finishing the trial
  • to drop the case: to decide not to prosecute a case

"Lawsuit" collocations
Lawsuit : is a legal action by one person or entity against another person or entity

to file a lawsuit: to go through the process of making a legal claim
to bring a lawsuit: same meaning as to file a lawsuit
to drop a lawsuit: to decide not persue a lawsuit

"document" collocations
  • to draft a document: to produce a piece of writing that you intend to change later
  • to issue a document: to produce something official
  • to serve a document on someone: to deliver a document
  • to submit a document to an authority: to deliver a document formally for a decision to be made by others
  • to file a document with an authority: to officially record something

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