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Legal English_Lesson_11UniTaranto

Revision Reading 4 (Unit 9) 

How to read a decision of the Supreme Court

  • cer•ti•o•ra•ri  n. [Law.]

Law a writ issuing from a superior court calling up the record of a proceeding in an inferior court for review. Also called writ of certiorari.
Etymology:  15th Century: from legal Latin: to be informed

  • Microsoft CORP. v. AT&T CORP 
  • to file an infringement suit
  • to charge Microsoft with liability for 
  • to be liable under s.271(f)
  • to be entitled to 
  • damages for breaches of its patent
  • to be liable for sth
  • the  court's hearing
  • exception to the general rule
  • the reasoning behind
  • under what circumstances 

How cases are referenced:

  • in Common Law: by name "Dononghue vs Stevenson"
  • in Civil Law: by number "Decision n. 2014-446 QPC  du 20 Janvier 2015"

Unit 10 - Reading 1 Comparative Law pp 106-107 ex 1-3

List of legal systems

• Civil Law

• Common Law

• Religious Law (Muslim Law, Hindu Law, Jewish Law)

• Chinese Law

• Socialist Law

Some video lessons on the difference between common law and civil law

Reading 2 pp107-108 ex 4-6

Self Study
Reading 3 Asset protection pp 112-113 ex 25-28

Text analysis: Discourse markers for text cohesion pag 112 ex 28

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