domenica 12 febbraio 2017

English for Professionals_4

Lesson 4 [11th February 9:00 – 13:00]
Part one
Stage 1 Business law vocabulary [defendant – plaintiff – draft – bill of lading – no win no fee – promissory note – summons – punitive damages – judgement – negligence – stare decisis
Sts work in pairs – they have to define the given words into details
Stage 2 Contract clauses _ modal verbs 
Stage 3 Students are asked to determine the outcome of an actual case and decide which of the requirements of an offer are fulfilled
Reinforce Contract law practice vocabulary
Part two
·       Licence  agreement
·       Atto di compravendita [real case]
·       Buying  a property in Italy Students are asked to outline the kind of service and support they could offer  to foreign customers who are interested in buying a property in Italy
 Part three

Language to be clarified : 

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