martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Term of the day

equitable remedy

Court order that forces a defendant to perform his or her part of a contract, instead of imposing a fine (for non-performance or breach of contract) that lets the defendant 'buy' himself or herself out of his or her obligations under the contract. Courts take this step when they are of the opinion that a payment of damages only is not good enough for a just settlement of the case.

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Ed Miliband has said Labour is on the "right path" in supporting a cap on public sector pay rises, amid criticism from two of the party's union backers.

Unite and the GMB, two of the UK's largest trade unions, say the move is a "serious mistake" and could lead the party to a general election defeat.

But Labour's leader told the BBC he would "stand up for what's right" and it was "tough" if others disagreed.

Mr Miliband added that the party had to face up to "economic reality".

In 2010, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat froze public sector pay for two years for those earning above £21,000.

Then, last November, it said rises would be capped at 1% for each of the two years to 2015.