domenica 11 dicembre 2011

Incontro con Charles Reader

Il 14 Dicembre dalle 10:30 alle 11:15 presso la nostra facoltà, aula 1,  associato al corso di inglese della Prof.ssa Lombardi, si terrà l'Incontro con Charles Reader della Cambridge Academy of English, il quale presenterà contenuti e spendibilità della certificazione di inglese legale: ILEC (International legal English Certificate) - Tuttii gli interessati sono invitati con preghiera di diffusione

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Anonimo ha detto...

One thing is clear, the big powers do not want people or students, who potentially will be the ruling class, to have the tools of knowledge to interfere with the power. I have always wondered what is the best knowledge of international low for without being able to communicate under it, or better still, what is being the best lawyers for , if only at home??Don't you think that the best way to exercise own skills is the overall comparison?In a time like this in which the fate of all of us depends on the European Community not to be able to interact with them only because you don't speak their language that is our language too, is a drama

Anonimo ha detto...

to overcome those gaps, but if a student comes out of the university without knowing the language of the European Community, that gap will not be bypassed anymore, any he will remain a doctor at his home.